U.S. coins have changed many times since the Coinage Act of 1792, which adopted the dollar as the standard monetary unit.
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Do you ever think about what youíre thankful for?
Yes, I play team sports. Yes, I feel grateful every day.
I do when Iím asked on Thanksgiving!
No, I donít think about it much.


What Groups Do You Belong To?

When you were born, you were already part of many groups. These include being a human being, the member of a family, a citizen of a country and a neighbor.team of soccer players

Now that you’re a little older, the number of groups you belong to is even bigger. For example, if you go to school, you’re a member of a class of students. You might also be a member of the band or a sports team.

Here are some great reasons for joining a group:

Make friends. Being with people who do what you like to do is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Learn new stuff. Whether it’s joining the band and playing an instrument or playing a sport, you have a chance to improve your skills and develop new ones.

Work as a team. There are lots of activities that give you a chance to work toward a common goal with other kids — whether the goal is winning a game or completing a community service.

Have fun. This is a really good reason to join a group! Kicking a ball, acting in a play, and camping with the scouts are just a few examples of ways to have fun in a group.

Can you name some groups that you belong to?

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