Beginning with Series 1996, $100 bills feature large portraits, watermarks in the paper, and color-shifting ink.
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Are you patient with money?
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It Pays to Plan

Money will be a big part of your life as you grow older. What you earn, save, and spend makes a big difference. It’s true, money doesn’t buy happiness — but if you like going on vacation, or buying clothes and video games, it helps to have extra cash!

If you learn how to work with money when you’re young, it will help you as an adult. Two things that can help you are patience and planning. Think about this:Kid making arts and crafts

You win a science fair at school. You have two prize options:

  1. $20 cash right now
  2. $5 a week for the next 6 weeks

So what do you do? $20 now is great — sure beats $5 right now! But, if you’re patient and save that $5 for the next 6 weeks, you get $30. $30 beats $20. See? Planning and patience can pay off.

As you get older, planning with money is more and more important. Setting goals with money can help. If you earn an allowance, make money for chores, or get cash from birthday cards, make a plan. Find something that you really want, and practice good saving.

As you’re saving, you’ll see other things that you can buy, but the more you spend, the longer it will take to reach your goal. Just like with the science fair money, being patient can pay off in the end.

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