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How often do you show generosity?
I try to share what I have at every opportunity!
I give what I can.
I only donate when I see someone who really needs help.


Giving and Sharing Is Fun!

The holidays are coming, and so are presents! It’s always fun when you get what you want. Don’t forget, the best part about new toys is that you get to share them with your friends!Kids Playing with toys

You can have a lot of fun with new stuff, but it doesn’t take long for the “newness” to wear off. That’s why it’s great to play with other people: you get to come up with new ideas for activities together.

Sometimes, when you have more things than someone else, it can make you feel really happy to do more than just share your things. When you give something to someone else so they can have as much fun with it as you did, you’ll remember it later and feel good!

Who can you share with, and what can you share with or give them?

Your Friends. Playing games with your friends is the best! After you get new stuff as presents, you can share it together. It’s almost like you both got double the gifts!

Your Family. Your family might be too old to have as much fun with your new toys, but if you got candy as a gift, you can bet they’d enjoy a piece!

Your Teachers and Coaches. Making holiday cards for your teachers and coaches shows them you care about how they help you!

New Friends. If you bring one of your new toys to school, try sharing it with someone you don’t know yet. You could make a new best friend!

When you focus on being happy about sharing with other people, you’ll feel better about yourself. But there’s more: when you share with other people, they’re happier to share with you in return. It’s like everyone gets even more presents!

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